Changing name of civic building

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John Southall writes: This week’s dip into the Bernard Chapman Collection goes back to 1933.

The photo features a building in the town that must be a candidate for having had the most uses over the years.

It is currently known as Dawlish Baptist Church, but way back in 1933 it was The Vestry Hall and I suspect that that is how most Dawlish folk would refer to it.

In the 1960s, when Bernard compiled his notes, it used to be known as The Central Hall.

For many years it was in use as Dawlish Town Hall until the purchase of The Manor House.

It was being used as the counting house for the urban district council elections when this photo was taken.

Comparing the two photos, I notice that the doorway in 1933 was somewhat wider than now, although the still quite nice frontage remains as it was.

There are one or two people who could be holding voting slips or perhaps the results of the vote. The pose suggests it could have been taken for a press photo or record of the event.

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